Re-plast Extruder Corp.

Provide The Best Solution.

Re-plast was established in 1974, a Taiwan company that focus on manufacturing and marketing of pelletizing extruder and other auxiliary equipments for plastic compounding and recycling, and has always been committed to the development of the most simplified, most stable, most compact and most in line with customer expectations of single screw extruders and twin screw plastic extruders. The company has series of products that conforms the CE and UL standards and has a full manufacturing range of precision machining equipment, CNC, milling, boring, grinding machines, tempering, nitriding, vacuum quenching and others equipment.

Products : Film Recycling, Rigid Plastic Recycling, Plastic Compounding Extruder, Single Screw Pelletizing Extruder, Plastic Coloring Pelletizing Extruder, High Speed Mixer, Dryer Mixer, Vertical Pigment Mixer, Material Blending Mixer