K Trade Fair 2019

The largest in the world exhibitions will be grandly debuted on October 16-23, 2019 in German Dusseldorf. In addition to materials and materials, the latest trends and technological developments in the rubber and plastics industry. There are four main topics in this show

Industry 4.0

Core task of the plastics and rubber industrycore task of the plastics and rubber industry

Sustainable DEV.

Recycling plastics、Circular Economy、Environment、Material with added value

Systems Integration

Bioplastic、Lightweight Engineering、Energy efficiency、3D printing、E-mobility

Young Professionals

Why the next generation of qualified employees is critical to the plastics industry?

2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily

2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_1

Dear all, the once every three-year K Trade Fair is beginning now! Today we would like to introduce plastics recycling machines company "EREMA" which is from Austria. EREMA will demonstrate a new digital platform "BluPort" in this K Trade Fair 2019. This platform involve cutting-edge technology. It will integrate spare parts online, investment calculator and key performance indicators in one machine.
By the way, you can discover and experiment "BluPort" in the exhibition!

K Show 2019 Day 1 Impressions
2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_2

As a leader of plastic injection molding, "ARBURG" primary demonstrate topics during the K trade fair 2019 is "arburgGREENworld". "ARBURG" is exhibiting innovations in its digital product and services offering, such as the filling assistant and the plasticizing assistant, as well as the enhanced connectivity of the ALLROUNDER.

K Show 2019 Day 2 Impressions
2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_3

"INNOVATION" is always the major objective of WITTMANN. Compared to the last K Trade Fair, this year WITTMANN increase 120 square meters of exhibition space to show the core theme "Adaptive Intelligent Machinery". Let's see how it works!

2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_4

KUKA's major project is dedicated to industrial automation intelligence, plastic industry products and expertise at this K Trade Fair. KUKA still offer KUKA.IconProg to other manufacturers, and make sure the programming of the robot is more intuitive compared to the past. Interestingly, everyone can get a set of environmentally tableware in KUKA's booth which is made by "KUKA Flexobot"!

K Show 2019 Day 4 Impressions
2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_5

As we can see, this K Trade Fair has a lot of plastic and rubber machines around the exhibition. It is able to see the operation of ROMI’s “i4 cloud injection molding machine”, it can connect by internet, easy to expend and invest at the initial stage. All the funtions are managed by INTOUCH. I4 cloud is used to collect, analyze the data of factories and combined with industry 4.0. Then use the Internet and ERP software to connect multiple machines. Visit our platform and see more information of this K 2019!

K Show 2019 Day 5 Impressions
2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_6

It was amazing when we arrived to Hall 6 of K Trade Fair. LANXESS's guide robot saw us and said “Hello” in Chinese to us. Moreover, the robot asked us to take a photo. We made a hand gesture "Vulcan salute" when taking pictures. Surprisingly, the robot said to us “You are also an alien!” LANXESS's guide robot is able to distinguish people's race, and reponse corresponding mother tongue. It truly made us marvel at the progress of AI.

2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_7

TAITRA invited four Taiwan leading of rubber and plastic industry in-depth exploration how to response industry 4.0. "Taiwan rubber and plastic industry have been well prepared for the requirements of Industry 4.0 and the necessary system integration" said by executive director of TAITRA
1. FCS Group - iMF4.0
2. Huarong Group - HFM
3. Multiplas - Smart Injection Molding Systems
4. Polystar - Multiple Integrated System

2019 K Trade Fair Show Daily_8

During K Fair 2019, ENGEL shows how Transport boxes will be produced by using the new skinmelt process. The transport boxes are particularly challenging for sandwich injection moulding due to their geometry. ENGEL nonetheless manages to achieve a high level of recycled content: over 50 %. And both the recycled and virgin material are polypropylene, ensuring that the sandwich-moulded products can also be easily recycled at the end of their service life. ENGEL has engineered an especially compact production solution based on an injection moulding machine: the second plasticising unit for the skin material is located at a sharp angle above the horizontal injection unit inside which the recycled material is melted - a highly space-saving design. Other stand-out features of the ENGEL solution are its easy-to-use visual display and the animation of the entire process on the injection moulding machine’s control unit. Excerpt from ENGEL website news.

K Show 2019 Day 7 Impressions